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Amazing Bitcoin Hype, Is it just the beginning?

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Is the Bitcoin hype over or is this just the beginning?

Everybody wants to know: Is the Bitcoin hype over or is this just the beginning?”. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published his whitepaper and introduced Bitcoin to the world. A decade later, Bitcoin grew exponentially. First breaking the $1,000 mark then continuing to the $5,000 and $10,000. With the result to finally crash at around $20,000.

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  1. So why did the crash happen?
  2. What about the next bubble?
  3. So is the Bitcoin hype over or is this just the beginning?

So why did the crash happen?

Many people seem to blame regulations for the fall of prices, at least when looking at the Crypto Markets. However, that is not the whole story. When the market crash, everyone tries to find a reason behind the crash. Along with that, it is beneficial to those that control the Bitcoin supply and the bagholders to have people think that these fluctuations are caused by anti-market events in the world, not by Bitcoin itself.

But Bitcoin did not mainly crash because of regulations or any other reason that the media tries to sell to you. Bitcoin crashed because it was set up for a big crash.
Four years after the introduction of Bitcoin to the world it crashed from $979 all the way down to $300 overnight. It then continued a slow downtrend for two years. Later, in November 2015 it started it’s uptrend again. Another two years later Bitcoin crashed again for almost the exact amount as it did four years ago overnight. So Bitcoin crashes were not something new. It was a simple repeat of the market.

Bitcoin grows mostly by the purchase of coins by beginners and enthusiasts. They are the ones that had to suffer when the bubble burst. Professionals, on the other hand, left with their pockets full. So it took 4 years from 2008 to gather enough excited people to create the first bubble and another 4 years to create the second bubble.

What about the next bubble?

So we can expect that the smart people behind these market manipulations become the richest people on planet earth. It seems that the third wave of overly excited people will be gathered throughout the next 4 years. As a result, Bitcoin will be able to achieve huge 1300% climbs once again. So the price of Bitcoin would skyrocket to almost 400k per coin. This sounds crazy but you can still call it a small bubble by today’s standard as the total valuation is only about 800 Billion.

If you compare it to the dot-com bubble with 9,6 trillion dollars, this valuation is pretty low. So there is a lot of space for Bitcoin to skyrocket in the future. Following the trend, we expect that an uptrend should happen again in around two to three years. In four years it might reach his high point and crash again.

So is the Bitcoin hype over or is this just the beginning?

So cryptocurrencies are taking the world by storm with investors tripping over their feet to buy in. It’s an interesting phenomenon, especially considering the high failure rate of the companies creating own ICOs to cash in. If this was your traditional stock exchange investment, the interest would surely die off pretty quickly considering the high failure rate. But many investors, experienced or not, seem to be wearing blinkers when it comes to cryptos. And you can’t really blame them. While there have been a lot of failures, there have also been amazing successes. Just have a look over here.

Stefan, the owner and chief researcher at the site, identified the top 25 cryptos on the market today. Look it over and you’ll learn how and when each currency got its start, and what the current market caps of those currencies are. We found the statistics extremely interesting and you will no doubt as well. It certainly puts the crypto industry into a new perspective and gives a very different picture.

So it the Bitcoin hype over? Cryptocurrencies have its flaws, certainly, but it’s also been a valuable learning experience for other investors. As the industry progresses and we start learning more about the potential of the tech that makes it all possible, there is no doubt that it has a place in our future and it will rise again to its full potential. So our advice is to be patient and wait until crypto stabilized. You don’t need to have a perfect entry, sometimes it is better to miss out some potential dollars and instead have a safe entry in the market.

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