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Best Blockchain Business Ideas: 7 Genuis Blockchain App Ideas

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7 Best Blockchain Business Ideas You Should Know!

Blockchain is the buzzword of the year and almost everyone has heard of it before. The technology became known mainly by the hype around cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But it’s more than just a way to make money fast. Blockchain has even more possibilities and will change many industries significantly. But the technology is still in the early stages of development and everyone is trying to figure out how to use it for themselves. We show you 7 Blockchain business ideas and that will change the future. Maybe they can help you also to find a blockchain project for 2020.

“Blockchain Business Ideas” – Content:

  1. Decentralized Data Servers
  2. Decentralized Social Media Star
  3. Blockchain Owner
  4. Decentralized Application
  5. Blockchain Marketing Agency
  6. Blockchain Investor
  7. Courses, Coaching or Webinars about Blockchain

Decentralized Data Servers

One of the first Blockchain Business Ideas is the decentralized data server. This does not mean that you have to buy your own server now. You can make your computer available to the Blockchain network as a node for storing data. All you need is an unused disk space on your PC. With the help of peer-to-peer cloud storage services like Storj, you can rent this free space. This way you can earn money without risking your complete savings.

Decentralized Social Media Star

Decentralized autonomous organization based on the Blockchain technology consists of Smart Contracts and a few lines of code. You can imagine it as a virtual company that acts autonomously. This allows you to act more efficiently and keep costs as low as possible. If you want to learn more, here is a detailed article about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

Steemit, DTube, and Dsound are good examples of such Blockchain organizations. With them, you can earn a lot of money without making an investment. They work with a very special reward system. We see Steemit as a good opportunity for a successful Blockchain career. Some “Steemers” earn more than 100.000€ per year.

But what is Steemit?

It is a social network that has similar functions to Reddit. But Steemite is much more. Content creators get money for their work. Every time you upvote an article on Steemit, the author gets money for it. But that’s not all. You also get money if you upvote others, but you don’t lose anything. So if you post a post on Steemit and it is upvoted by many people you get money for every vote. This will not only make your account more valuable, but your Steemit account will also increase in ranking.

And the best thing about it? You can create a Steemit account for free. That means you have no investment risk at all. Some accounts are worth more than half a million dollars and they are growing fast. So what are you waiting for? Start your Blockchain career on Steemite and inspire other people with your content.

Blockchain Owner

The development of an own Blockchain is one more of our great Blockchain business ideas. Believe it or not, it’s not that hard to develop your own Blockchain. It consists of only a few lines of code. The difficult part is to gain the trust of the community and make the network grow and secure. Then you can provide your Blockchain for transactions or distributed applications. You can then charge subscription and transaction fees to use your network.

Blockchain Business Ideas

You can also determine how many coins exist and keep most of them to yourself. As your Blockchain grows in size and value, the price of a coin also increases. Of course, it takes time to create your own Blockchain. However, as the network grows, you have set the first foot in the right direction for a successful Blockchain career. A successful Blockchain such as Ethereum by Vitalik Buterin is worth millions, if not billions.

Decentralized Application

Decentralized applications, or DApp for short, are Apps based on Blockchain technology. Thus the application is decentralized and is not managed by any control authority. This also means that no central server is required for a Dapp. Applications like BitTorrent or BitMessage are such DApp’s.

You can develop your own decentralized application and make it available to companies or customers. Large companies are very interested in Blockchain technologies and the DAppsbased on them. All you need is an application that solves a problem using Blockchain Technology. If you don’t have an idea, we have Blockchain use cases here that shows which applications might be interesting for companies. With Dapps you can optimize the processes of companies and reduce their costs. Companies are always looking for ways to optimize their business model.

Blockchain Marketing Agency

With the invention of the Internet, many new business models emerged and the industry changed significantly. One of these new and successful business models were online marketing agencies. Companies didn’t know how to market their products properly and how to appeal to their customers. The same will happen with Blockchain. Blockchain will be the new platform everyone wants to use.

Therefore you should start to learn everything about Blockchain to acquire knowledge that only a few own. You can then set up a Blockchain marketing agency and advise companies with innovative Blockchain marketing concepts.

Blockchain Investor

Every 60 seconds someone creates a new cryptocurrency or a new token. So there are many ways to invest in Blockchain. The same is true for Blockchain companies. Blockchain is becoming more and more well known and more and more people are intensively occupied with this technology. From new ideas, new business ideas arise. Meanwhile, there are some successful Blockchain companies such as Golem. You can try to invest in these growing companies. These could be your first steps for a successful Blockchain career and as a successful investor.

But not only new Blockchain companies emerge. Large companies like Intel, IBM, and Microsoft are starting to implement Blockchain technology. New business models such as Blockchain as a Service are offered. This means that these companies are undertaking a new form of digital transformation. Decentralized transformation. So take your time and look for a large company that tries to integrate Blockchain technology into their business model. A great idea and reliable and competent management are important factors you should pay attention to. Invest in these companies in the form of shares and earn a fortune if they dominate the market with the help of the Blockchain. This variant is much less risky than investing directly in cryptocurrency, as the stock market is more stable and large companies have already established themselves in the market.

Courses, Coaching or Webinars about Blockchain

Courses, coaching, and webinars are another Blockchain business ideas. Meanwhile, everybody knows Blockchain or at least has heard about it since the hype about Bitcoin and Ethereum. But at least they know how Blockchain technology really works. You can learn everything about it. Gain a knowledge edge and become an expert in the field of Blockchain technology.

If you have acquired enough knowledge, you can offer your own courses, coaching or webinars. Be your own boss and help others to get to know Blockchain better. If you do well and become well known, companies might come up to you to advise you as an expert or offer you an internal position as a project manager.

We hope you like our Blockchain Business Ideas. If you want to be informed about the latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Steemit.

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