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Nowadays everyone talks about Blockchain and it sounds as if this technology could solve any problem and can be used anywhere. But unfortunately this is not true and that’s why we have investigated when Blockchain makes sense. Why, for example, would a company like Amazon disrupte a great service by using a new technology they don’t know? We believe in the potential of the blockchain and we believe that the majority of companies will use it in the future. But it doesn’t mean every company has to have it from the start. Sometimes it’s better to wait and see when the time is right.

With the help of Blockchain Technology, new business models and thus also new products and services will be developed in the near future. We will show you some of the most important Blockchain business and how they will look like.

What used to be e-mail at the beginning of the Internet is now Bitcoin for Blockchain technology. It will take a while before Blockchain can unfold its full potential. Nobody can predict exactly how long it will take. However, we can estimate which types of applications can be used first. For this we have created a Blockchain framework that contrasts the degree of novelty of the technology with its complexity.

Because of Bitcoin and Ethereum, most people have heard of Blockchain. Enterprises can use this technology to automate, secure, and improve workflows. But most companies don’t know how to use Blockchain. Therefore companies like Amazon and IBM offer Blockchain as a Service.

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