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Blockchain Climate Change: Amazing Effects on Climate

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Blockchain can save the world

Blockchain climate change is a topic we here a lot. Can Blockchain change the climate and make the world better? But first of all, what is a blockchain? It’s transparent public append-only ledger of trust. It’s a system that you can add data to but not change previous data. So blockchain does this through a mechanism for creating consensus between distributed parties.

Depending on whom you ask, Blockchain can either be a threat and creates a lot of problems. Or be the most important technological innovation since the internet. For us, it’s the most important innovation. It can help us create peace between the economy and society and the balance for the planet. Blockchain Climate Change: we can change the world – be ready.

“Blockchain Climate Change” – Content:

  1. The 2nd Industrial Revolution
  2. The consequences of the Industrial Revolution
  3. The threat to the human race
  4. The wake-up call
  5. Digital Revolution
  6. Blockchain Platform can save the problem
  7. The power of the Blockchain Technology
  8. Blockchain creates a sharing economy
  9. Reduce global warming emission with sharing economy
  10. Blockchain will redefine
  11. Blockchain climate change

The 2nd Industrial Revolution

We have to admit that half the human race is far better off today than our ancestors were before. So we need to acknowledge that 40% of the human race is making $2 or less. Therefore, they are worse off than their ancestors were before the industrial revolution. So it benefits half the human race and detriment to the other half of the human race. Thus, well off the very wealthy have done quite well.

As a result, the 62 wealthiest human beings in the world combined wealth equals the accumulated wealth of one half the human population living on Earth. There’s something really dysfunctional about the way we are organizing our economic relationships on this Earth. As a result, it’s clear we are in a long-term structural economic crisis at the end of the second Industrial Revolution.

The consequences of the Industrial Revolution

Right now, this industrial area has given rise too much more profound crisis. Environmental crisis. We have spewed massive amounts of methane and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere of this planet to create this industrial revolution. As a result, we have so much C02 in the atmosphere that is blocking the sun’s heat from getting off the Earth.

We are in real time climate change. So this is no longer a theory. This is no longer pending. Climate change is now. It is terrifying and it’s never really explained. Because if it were explained we would be justifiably terrified and motivated and driven to make a change.

The threat to the human race

So what does climate change?

Climate change changes the water cycles of the Earth. So our ecosystems on earth have developed over millions of years, based on the water cycles, the cloud cycles that traverse across the Earth. For every one degree that the temperature of the planet goes up the atmosphere is actually sucking up 7% more precipitation from the ground. As a result, the heat is forcing the precipitation into the clouds. So we’re getting more concentrated precipitation. More violent water events but they are more infrequent. So it throws the entire water cycle of the earth off kilter. More blockbuster winter snows. More dramatic spring floods that flood in the cities and longer summer droughts.

It’s the new normal.

There are five Mass extinction events on Earth. So each time the chemistry of the planet shifts very quickly.  This results in a massive die out of life. Our scientists now tell us we are in the sixth extinction event. This can happen in the next 7-8 decades. As a result, we could lose over half the species of life that now inhabit this planet.

The wake-up call

This is not a century from now. This is in our lifetime. We will be in full steam into this new era.

Blockchain Climate Change: We can change the world! But how do we, do it?

We need a new economic vision for the world. It has to be compelling. We need a game plan to deploy that vision and it needs to be quick. We need to move as quickly in the developing countries as in the industrialized nations. If we have any chance of arresting the worst of this climate change we are gonna have to reduce our Co2 emission dramatically.

How do we begin to tackle something of this extent?

We need to step back and reflect on how the great economic paradigm shift in history occurs. If we know how they occur were gonna get a roadmap. So we’re going to get a compass that allows us to navigate a new journey. Completely transform the way we handle life on Earth. Blockchain can help to make this transformation happen.

Digital Revolution

We have digitized communication. So now, this communication Internet is converging. With an increasing, digitized, renewable energy internet. And now those Internets are converging with an automated GPS. So we have soon driverless road rail, water, and air Transport Internet to create three internets: Communication Internet, renewable energy internet, and automated transportation logistic Internet. And as a result, one super Internet to manage power and move economic life.

These 3 internets ride on top of a platform called the Internet of things. They have sensors in all of our devices. So they can monitor real-time activity and then talk to other machines and talk to us. All of them collecting data.

But where does that big data go?

It goes to communication, energy and transport internets to manage, power and move economic life. It’s gonna be everywhere by 2030. Connecting everything with everyone. We are essentially creating a decentralized network. It’s gonna allow everyone on this planet, at very low costs, to begin directly engaging with each other. It will be on a global internet of things and bypass a lot of the vertical integrated organization and middlemen that kept us away from each other. So we can have direct engagement now. And that will reduce your emission dramatically. This is the revolution and evens the playing field!

Blockchain Platform can save the problem

Now we have a new platform. The internet of things platforms is of a different nature.

This third industrial revolution platform is designed to be distributed not centralized. So it works best when is collaborative and open and transparent rather than closed and proprietary. And the benefits come when more and more people join the network. So each of us contributes their talents, which benefits the network and then benefits us. It’s designed to be laterally scaled, not vertically integrated. So this moves us to a vast expansion of global networks.

The power of the Blockchain Technology

How do we ensure that everyone has equal access to the blockchain that ensures privacy and data security?

You can go up on a blockchain that’s already emerging. So you can have a transparent picture of all the economic data flowing through the world if it stays network neutral. Therefore, all the economic data is gonna be open to everyone. So in a network-neutral world, you’re gonna be able to go up on this platform and have a completely transparent picture of all the data. As a result, you can mine your big data now with analytics and create your own algorithms and apps.

They allow you to dramatically increase your efficiency at every step of conversion on your value chain. And as a result, they dramatically increase your productivity. Therefore dramatically reduce your ecological footprint, and with it your marginal cost. Some marginal costs are gonna get so low they head to zero marginal costs. And when that happens, it gives rise to a completely new economic system.

Blockchain creates a sharing economy

In economic theory, the optimum market is where you sell at marginal cost. Marginal cost is after fixed costs. Once you pay for your technology the marginal cost is what it costs to produce a unit. But we never expected a technology that is so powerful in its potential that it could actually reduce the costs for some goods and services to near zero.

So there is no longer a profit margin. And you can produce goods and services for each other beyond the market in the sharing economy for nearly free. But that didn’t come out of the blue. Capitalism gave birth to the sharing economy. So it’s the first new economic system to enter into the world stage with zero marginal costs phenomena.

Reduce global warming emission with sharing economy

We have got a billion cars, and trucks choking us in traffic around the world. They are the 3rd major cause of global are emissions. The number one cause of global warming emission is buildings the 2nd is meat.

But how can we reduce these emissions?

In our social status and power is the key to success. You never let someone use your things unless they pay the price. They are learning the possession of property and markets.

But we have to learn that our things are not a possession, it’s not status. It’s not power. It’s not negotiable. So it’s simply access to an experience of a moment in time and then someone else can use it. So we have to learn how to be part of a circular economy. Where we distribute things in the sharing economy. As a result sharing electricity, cars, homes and content, all that leads to reducing the global warming emission. Thus, we are moving from ownership to access. From markets to networks. From a market capital to social capital. Therefore blockchain can save the world.

Blockchain will redefine

1. Freedom

Our generation tries to grow to the full extent of our possibilities. So we grow to the extent that we are embedded in a network after a network. Community after community where we can share our talents. So those talents benefit the network and come back to benefit yourself.

2. Power

We believe that power always has to be a pyramid. So it goes from the top down. But now, power is not vertical, its lateral. It’s being a mesh in the network after network where everybody benefits each other. As a result, you create this with a blockchain that is open source.

3. Identity with the community

We identify as the nations that represent us. And because of that we normally compete with others in the marketplace for scarce resources in a zero-sum game. But that’s not how we address climate change and bring the human family together.

Blockchain Climate Change – Summary

So we have to acknowledge climate change and the problems that follow. So don’t close your eyes anymore. We all have to come together and lay down this new consciousness. So our responsibility to carry this on is a weight that no generation had in history. I don’t know of any period of history where one generation was called upon to save the species.

And if you believe this is really happening, this is our responsibility. So we now have technology to make it happen. Blockchain can save the world and will revolutionize our industry for the better. If we are able to create this new digitally connected world. As a result, it helps to create peace between the economy and society and the balance for the planet.

It should be now!

So inform yourself about blockchain and the technology with it. Try to find out what the possibilities are. Thus, make change understandable to others. Show them why it is important. Knowledge is the foundation for change. And if we all can come together and acknowledge that we have to change. So we have a chance to make the world better. Blockchain can save the world!

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