Blockchain Gamification: How to use gamification on blockchain

People have been collecting things in a gamified concept for centuries. You find something valuable that you like, and you start building your collection. You can collect baseball cards, coins or even Pokemons. The rare collectibles are especially valuable. The rarer it is, the more valuable it is. In the case of collectible cards, for example, there are common cards that are printed in high quantities. These are not worth as much because they are very easy to obtain. Cards in smaller editions, on the other hand, are very valuable because they are harder to get.
But can we apply collecting to the digital world? There is an ever-increasing shift from the physical to the digital world. For music, there are no longer CDs but digital libraries or streaming services. This has suddenly given us access to an almost infinite number of songs. The problem with this is that digital all-or-nothing rights eliminate the idea of rarity. That’s exactly what takes a lot of the fun out of collecting.

With blockchain, however, we could change that. The technology could be used to, combine the best of both worlds. We could enable device-based access to digital assets from anywhere and create the rarity of items in the digital world.

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Problems of Gamification

Unfortunately, the term blockchain is often misused to stand out these days. However, this is not the case with gamification. Blockchain can enable the physical and digital worlds to connect in meaningful ways.
Pokémon Go, for example, is an augmented reality game that focuses on rarity and collecting. Players worldwide are searching for rare characters. However, Pokémon Go is not based on blockchain technology. This means that while a Pokemon like Glurak may be hard to find, it’s not actually rare. That’s because, in theory, any player can own a Glurak. So there is no limited number of people who can own this Pokemon. But that’s exactly what collecting fun is all about. The items have to be hard to get and rare. This is still a problem in the digital world, but it could be solved with blockchain.

Blockchain and Gamification

With ERC 721 tokens, we could fix the problem of rarity in the digital world. It is an open standard that provides guidelines for fully unique tokens. So we can use it to designate each token as a rare and unique collectible.

Blockchain Gamification

In this model, digital assets are represented by completely unique tokens on the blockchain. While each piece is technically unique, the rarity can still be controlled. In addition, Ethereum offers other useful features such as payment and proof of ownership.

Blockchain Gamification Use Case Example

One of the first to embrace gamification on the blockchain was Cryptokitty. It is a virtual pet collection game where you can hatch cats. In this, you can get cats that are common but also cats that are very rare. These rare cats can be worth a fortune. CryptoKitties is the best proof that the concept of gamification can work on the blockchain.

Future prospects

What Cryptokitty and other gamification ideas on the Blockchain still lack is the ability to safely store the digital collectibles. However, recent developments have seen the emergence of new specialized wallets such as and Trust Wallet. You can use these like a secure digital showcase for collectibles. This allows for more blockchain gamification applications to be developed that we can get excited about.

But what happens next? In the gaming industry, technology is often used in new and creative ways that drive innovation. CryptoKitties, Pokémon Go and many other examples successfully demonstrate this. We can therefore assume that there will be many more blockchain gamification ideas that will ignite our passion for collecting.

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