8 Amazing Blockchain Gaming Use Cases and Industry Changes

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8 Best Blockchain Gaming Use Cases and Industry Changes

Blockchain will change many industries. It is particularly attractive for the gaming industry. We will show you the reason for that. Get to know the best 8 Blockchain gaming use cases.

We can use Blockchain to store all kinds of data. So once the information is in the database, nobody can change it. You can display game history, game items or virtual money. Thus, with blockchain, we can give back control to the player.

“8 Best Blockchain Gaming Use Cases and Industry Changes” – Content:

  1. Blockchain based game
  2. Decentralized Gaming Marketplace
  3. Smart Contracts Payments
  4. Multi-Gaming Platform
  5. Decentralized Community Games
  6. Decentralized Addons
  7. Global Tracking
  8. Product Certificates of origin
  9. “8 Best Blockchain Gaming Use Cases and Industry Changes” – Conclusion

Blockchain based game

We can develop blockchain-based games. If we get items in games these days, they don’t belong to us. So we are the holders, but not the owners. The real owner is the company. That means we have no control over our own digital character.

With a blockchain-based game, we can allow players to remain owners of the character. We can also map player assets to the blockchain. This can include game cards, skins, equipment and entire characters. These can be represented by tokens on the blockchain. Through your wallet, each token can represent your ownership of the respective items.

Decentralized Gaming Marketplace

You have probably heard of players who were banned because they bought a game item on Ebay. The companies control everything that happens in the game. As a result, we can hardly defend ourselves against them. Or even worse, you buy an item online and you don’t get it.

With Blockchain we can create decentralized marketplaces. Here you can confidently buy items without fear of fraud. In addition, you can not only buy in-game items, but also sell them. So the anonymity on the Blockchain makes it possible that the companies cannot trace the purchase. Thus, you can no longer be banned from buying items.

Smart Contracts Payments

When using online marketplaces to trade game items, there are still high fees. These can be up to 10% depending on the platform. Furthermore, transactions can sometimes take several days. It is usually not always guaranteed that the item will arrive.

With Smart Contracts we can reduce the fees to a few cents. They are also executed automatically when conditions are met. This means that you will receive the item immediately. And because everything is on the blockchain, you can safely assume that you will receive the item.

Multi-Gaming Platform

Each game has its own game items and currencies. So it is not possible to exchange skins from Cs-Go for WoW Gold. Thus, this makes the gaming world much smaller.

By linking game items with tokens you can trade independently of the game for the first time. As a result, this would ensure that the gaming universe becomes much more connected.

Decentralized Community Games

It happened to all of us before, that a game was changed. And I don’t mean for the better. Unfortunately, we have no influence on changes in the game. Thus, it can be quite frustrating. As a result, we usually don’t want to play the game anymore.

With Blockchain we can create public, decentralized and transparent game servers. Changes can only be made here if the majority accepts it. This means that there are no more unwanted changes. In addition, there is no longer a single point of failure. With Blockchain technology, hackers no longer have a chance to commit fraud. This means that your gaming assets and data are always secure.

Decentralized Addons

Everyone who has played World of Wacraft before knows the different addons. So every year new content will be unlocked. But some addons are better than the others. Unfortunately with the release of a new addon the old content is no longer available.

When playing on the Blockchain, the users can decide on which addon they want to play. So companies cannot simply create new content and block old content. This means that anyone can play the game they want. In addition, companies can see which content is best received by the players.

Global Tracking

For companies today it is difficult to understand what happens to in-game items. This often leads to misunderstandings where players are illegally banned.

With Blockchain technology, companies able to track in-game items. As a result, we can always transparently track the path an item has taken.

Product Certificates of origin

The origin of game objects is usually not recognizable. Certificates are therefore often forged or lost. If you buy a special in-game item, you don’t know whether it is real or fake. So how can we make sure that everything is correct?

With Blockchain we can display and identify every in-game item as data points. So using these public records, you can then determine if the seller is the real owner. Thus, this also makes it much more difficult for cheaters to fake or steal game items.

“8 Best Blockchain Gaming Use Cases and Industry Changes” – Conclusion:

Blockchain can change the gaming industry significantly. It enables players to regain control of their own earned gaming items. Blockchain-based games, decentralized trading marketplaces and smart contract payments can greatly reduce the fees players have to pay. Multi-gaming platforms, decentralized community games and decentralized add-ons will improve the gaming industry at its core. Global Tracking and Product Certificates of Origin can help to make the gaming industry more secure. So blockchain will have a huge impact in the game world and change a lot of things for the better.

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