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The Best 6 Blockchain Healthcare Use Cases: Amazing Industry Changes

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Best 6 Blockchain Healthcare Use Cases!

There are amazing Blockchain healthcare use cases that will change the healthcare industry and create a lot of benefits for everyone. The idea of using blockchain in healthcare comes out of the need for security in healthcare. With the evolution of IoT(Internet of Things) and mobile healthcare Apps, everyone records and transfers a huge amount of medical data every day. We need to manage this data traffic safely.

Blockchain can provide a solution that helps to securely share medical records. It also assures the privacy of each by giving the patients their medical data ownership.


  1. Health Records
  2. Data Sharing
  3. Data Ownership
  4. Decentralized Administration
  5. Data Sharing
  6. Certificate of Origin
  7. “Blockchain Healthcare Use Cases” – Conclusion

Health Records

Blockchain can enable a unified and secure exchange of electronic health records. Patients can own their medical records instead of storing their data somewhere else. Since the data is unified, any updates are done worldwide. So new data is available when it is needed.

Patients can also choose with whom they want to share their data. This also gives you control over your data. So you can decide who can see your medical records. And you don’t have to disclose more than is needed.

Data Security

Security is a critical point for processes in the healthcare sector. Often the necessary security can not be guaranteed during a data transfer. Therefore, certain processes still have to be carried out manually.

Data in the blockchain can no longer be changed. They are, therefore, more secure against manipulation. Thus, it is possible that we can send health data with high security. As a result, we can eliminate manual processes.

Data Owner

Today, our health data is stored in files of hospitals. We have no access to them. Therefore, in an emergency, we cannot directly provide our important data.

With Blockchain, we can store all important data in a database. This data can no longer be changed. We also retain control over our data. Thus, we can call them up we need them. Blockchain enables you to store the required data safely and to retrieve it immediately when you need them. This allows you to provide doctors with the necessary data immediately in an emergency.

Decentralized Administration

Administrative tasks in the health care system cause enormous costs. Thus, authorizations and authorizations are the reason for lot of paperwork. These processes are inefficient and slow.

With Blockchain, we can eliminate these administrative processes. As a result, the administration of identification, authorization, and verification can be automated. Furthermore, we can retrieve the data immediately.

Data Sharing

If hospitals want to exchange health data, there are a lot of complex processes. These processes are usually long and time-consuming. In addition, it often happens that not all the required information is transferred. Therefore, hospitals have to communicate with each other unnecessarily often.

Blockchain offers the possibility to make processes in the health care system simpler and safer. This allows us to store data in a single database. So it does not matter where the health file was processed. Thus, this makes it easier to maintain and exchange data. So hospitals can share one database without violating security and privacy.

Certificate of Origin

The quality of our health data is usually poor. We can’t trace them back. This makes it difficult for us to analyze the data.

Blockchain makes it possible for us to track our data. Therefore, we can create a proof of origin for these products. This is essential for some processes in the healthcare sector, such as insurance transactions, but also for new business models that require high data quality.

“Blockchain Healthcare Use Cases” – Conclusion:

With Blockchain, we can manage hospitals in a decentralized way. At the same time, we can guarantee robustness, security and protection against manipulation. Thus, first Blockchain Apps in healthcare have shown that it is not only changing the industry. Also, new business models will be developed and relationships will be redefined.

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