Most Important Blockchain Jobs that a business needs!

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Most Imortant Blockchain Jobs that a business needs

Not only a good blockchain strategy, but also a good distribution of roles is decisive for the success of blockchain integration. These Blockchain jobs are important, so that the strategy is executed and everyone knows what to do. Therefore, you need a Blockchain Product Manager, a Blockchain Consultant/Analyst and a Blockchain Software Developer.

“Most Imortant Blockchain Jobs that a business needs” – Content:

  1. Blockchain Product Manager
  2. Blockchain Consultant/Analyst
  3. Solidity/Blockchain software developer

Blockchain Product Manager

The role of the Blockchain Product Manager lies exactly between the Blockchain software developer and the Blockchain software user. The task of the Blockchain Product Manager is to continuously optimize the user experience and manage the Blockchain Product Roadmap.
In addition, he must ensure that the solution delivers value to the customer. For this, it is important to conduct intensive research in order to identify and adapt to constantly changing requirements.
The Blockchain Product Manager is also responsible for the Blockchain product. So, he is primarily responsible for ensuring that the product meets all requirements and that the product is delivered on time.

Blockchain Consultant/Analyst

A Blockchain Consultant/Analyst is responsible for collecting all important data that is crucial for the development of the product. So, it is not only important that the right data is collected, but also that it is communicated to the right people.
Another important task of the Blockchain Consultant/Analyst is communication with the stakeholders. So, when you develop a Blockchain product, you also have to satisfy your stakeholders and communicate with them. Thus, it is really important that they are happy.
Furthermore, it is important that the blockchain consultant/analyst communicate with the blockchain developers. In doing so, he passes on the requirements of the stakeholders and the customers. It is crucial that communication runs smoothly and precisely.

Blockchain software developer

The Blockchain software developer is the heart of product development. He writes the Smart Contracts and develops the decentralized application. The product has to be developed according to the wishes of stakeholders and customers. But not only the development but also the correct implementation of the product is decisive. So, the blockchain software developer is therefore responsible for the development and delivery of the blockchain product and plays an important role.

Therefore, each role makes a decisive contribution to the success of the Blockchain product. The smooth cooperation of all roles will show whether the product will be successful and the solution will be accepted by stakeholders and customers.

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