Blockchain Marketing Use Cases: A New Online Marketing Industry

Blockchain Marketing Use Cases: A New Online Marketing Industry

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How Blockchain marketing will be changed forever

Trust is one of the biggest challenges you can face in today’s marketing environment. Blockchain marketing use cases will change the way companies have to market their products. It is especially important when you talk about online marketing and online shops. Customer mostly can not fully trust other parties. As a result, we mostly don’t believe ads on the internet.

So trust is really important for online businesses. With Blockchain, we will be able to believe ads. We will show you how Blockchain will do that and therefore change the marketing environment.


  1. Trust
  2. Tracking
  3. Valid Brand Promises
  4. Valid Support Services
  5. Summary

Blockchain Marketing Use Cases: Trust

So we all know brands like Amazon that are trusted third parties you can rely on. If you have a customers trusts, there is a good chance that you can lock him onto your platforms. As a result, customer won’t switch to other platforms thereby, making the platform gain power.

With Blockchain, we will have a global credibility score. Everybody can review a company and chose based on their score if the company is trustworthy. As a result, marketing campaigns can be way more efficient. That means you have less marketing costs and more customers.

Fake identities are also a big issue. People create fake accounts and try to scam you. Therefore, we don´t trust online companies. Blockchain will eliminate fake identities because there is a valid online identification available.

Blockchain Marketing Use Cases: Tracking

At the moment tracking your goods is mostly impossible. But with Blockchain, we have a single global network viewpoint. As a result, you always know where your goods are and if something went wrong.

Blockchain Marketing Use Cases: Valid Brand Promises

Most brand promises aren’t true. You get frustrated about the product and probably never purchase it again.

Blockchain can reduce the uncertainty about brand promises. So it ensures full brand transparency and traceability. As a result, Blockchain can help to ensure that brands keep their promises.

Blockchain Marketing Use Cases: Valid Support Services

We all know these companies that advertise an excellent customer service support. But mostly they aren’t that customer friendly.

With the Blockchain technology you will be able to see customer complaint rates, customer satisfaction score, product defect rates, and delivery rates. If companies want to market something, it actually needs to be true. This will change the way companies have to market their services.

So in the past, brands’ success depended on how you present yourself. However, today, success depends on what you actually are.


Blockchain will have a huge impact in the marketing industry. We will have full transparency and companies actually have to keep their marketing promises. When a company advertises that they donate money for a project, you can look it up in the Blockchain. That transparency will give us the trust that we are missing all the time.

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