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Easy Explanation of Blockchain TechnologyWhy do we need Blockchain?

What are the benefits of Blockchain?

Easy Explanation of Cryptocurrency TokenWhat can you do with tokens?

What is a cryptocurrency Coin?

Bitcoin easy explanationWhat did Satoshi Nakamoto develop?

Who invented Ethereum?

limitations of Blockchain TechnologyWhat is Blockchain?

What are the limitations of Blockchain?

easy explanation of cryptographic hash functionWhat is a hash ?

Why do we need a hash function?

Difference between Proof of Work and Proof of StakeWhat is the task of a miner?

What is a miner?

Learn Blockchain without technical BackgroundWhat is the task of the ledger?

How do we secure the ledger?

Bitcoin easy explanationWhy do you need a digital wallet?

What types of Blockchain users exist?

Blockchain easy explainedWhat is the basic concept of the Blockchain technology?

What is the key function of Blockchain?

easy explanation of cryptographic hash functionWhat is a correct type of a hash function?

What is Proof of Work?

Ethereum investing strategy for 2019What is a cryptocurrency?

What is Ether?

What is a smart contract?

Can you change a smart contract?

What is an example of a DAO?

What is an advantage of a DAO?

What is a criterion of a dApp?

What is a "type 1" dApp?

What is the purpose of the Blockchain technology?

What is a peer-to-peer system?

What is a token?

What are the benefits of tokens?

What is the different between DO and DAO?

How is DAO defined?

What is an ERC20 Token?

What is a coin?

What is an example for Blockchain 2.0?

What do you need for decentralized applications?

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