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Have you ever asked yourself how Blockchain might change the way we gamble online? Blockchain won’t create a new type of gambling, but it will create a new platform. Customer will be able to get access in a complete new way. We will show you incredible use cases for the Blockchain gambling industry.

Trust is one of the biggest challenges you can face in today’s marketing environment. Blockchain marketing will change the way companies have to market their products. It is especially important when you talk about online marketing and online shops. Customer mostly can not fully trust other parties. As a result, we mostly don’t believe ads on the internet.

Like other sectors of the economy, transactions in farming supply chains have never fully undergone a digital transformation. World farming is facing numerous challenges but blockchain will be able to change a lot of that. We will show you how Blockchain will change the food industry in the future.

The banking industry requires new sources of growth in order to reverse the current downward trend. The greatest disruption of Internet finance for the traditional banking industry lies in enriching apps scenarios and using big data analytics as a base, in order to provide more personalized services to attract more customers. However, a large number of scenarios have already been developed, and innovations in scenario applications are becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, new growth can only be achieved with new technological breakthroughs.

In this article, we want to show you a Blockchain use case for the energy industry. So imagine the society owns an apartment building. The people of the building co-own the society in proportion to the sizes of their apartments. Thus, this means that a lot of things are shared in the building. For example the stairs, the elevator, the cellar, the washer etc.

In this article, we want to show you some Blockchain use cases for the logistics industry. The use of blockchain apps will happen in different stages and will require different levels of consensus, as well as regulatory efforts. So processes, capabilities, and infrastructure have to be established in order to implement these apps. As a result, this leads to the question of which blockchain apps offer the best chance to start with.

Blockchain is five to ten years away to mainstream adoption. However, even with the technology in its initial stages of development, for the purposes of avoiding third parties in the music industry, it shows great potential. So there are two main issues in this music industry. One is the lack of access to transactional information. Second is the inefficiencies with the royalty payments. Blockchain can solve both of these issues while keeping transparency throughout the entire chain. So the options for DApps go beyond the traditional business models in the industry, enabling a closer relationship between artists and consumers.

The pharma industry needs a much-needed supply chain system update. So the purpose of the new system is to integrate the features of blockchain technology and add traceability, and security to the drugs supply chain. It also helps to provide visibility to manufacturers and drugs regulatory authority. So Blockchain is the best choice when we need data privacy and data accessibility both at the same time. Thus, every time a product changes hands, the transaction can be documented to create a permanent history of a product, from manufacture to sale. As a result, this will dramatically reduce time delays, costs, and human error that occurs in transactions today.

For the last couple of years, Blockchain has been the most talked about technology across a range of industries. The telecom industry has also shown huge uptake for Blockchain-based solutions. A lot of use cases for telecom networks are already proposed and proof of concepts solutions are available. Identity management, Smart contract, Internet of Things Security, Mobile data tokens and Initial coin offering are some of the use cases which will be offered by telecom companies in the very near future.

Digitalization is a trend that has heavily impacted the tourism industry. Horwarth HTL, the world’s largest hospitality consulting brand, points out that Blockchain belongs to the megatrends in tourism. They will influence mid- and long-term tourism development. The WEF states in its report on the digital transformation that Blockchain is an enabler of new innovation and disruption of the tourism industry.

In this article, we want to show you how Blockchain changes the healthcare industry. The idea to use blockchain in healthcare comes out of the need for security in healthcare. With the evolution of IoT and mobile healthcare Apps, everyone records and transfers a huge amount of medical data every day. We need to manage this data traffic safely.

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