Ethereum eWASM Explained Simply

Ethereum eWASM Explained Simply

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Ethereum eWASM Explained Simply

When you talk about Ethereum, smart contracts and eWASM isn´t far away. They are written in Vyper or Solidity and you can create DApps and more with them.

So the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) then compiles the code. As a result, every node has to execute the code. Thus, the faster the EVM can execute the code the better. But this leads to a lot of scaling problems. So to solve these problems, they developed eWASM. It is based on WebAssembly (WASM) and is able to make a huge difference.

“Ethereum eWASM Explained Simply” – Content:

  1. What is WASM?
  2. What is Ethereum eWasm?
  3. What does eWASM provide?
  4. What is the goal of eWASM?
  5. “Easy Explanation of Ethereum eWASM” – Summarized

What is WASM?

WASM is the shortcut for WebAssembly. It is a new, portable, size- and load-time-efficient format. So it is a binary code that you can use to compile your code for the Web. It is a virtual machine (VM) within the computer. Thus, it is specialized in executing commands optimized.

Its primary task is to optimize execution and load times. It does this by already being able to convert or execute certain commands. Thus, WASM already knows the hardware on which it is currently running. So because of predefined commands, the code can be processed much faster.

What is Ethereum eWasm?

eWasm is based on WebAssembly. It is a restricted subset of WASM to be used for contracts in Ethereum. So it specifies the VM semantics, environment interface, smart contracts and metering for instructions. Ethereum WASM, therefore, aims to restrict nondeterministic behavior.

What does eWASM provide?

EWASM provides a specification of eWASM contract semantics and the Ethereum interface. It also provides an EVM transcompiler as an eWASM contract. So you have a VM implementation for executing the eWASM contracts. To implement an eWASM backend you need a solidity compiler. It provides a library and instructions for writing contracts in Rust and C.

What is the goal of eWASM?

The goal of eWASM is to replace the EVM. So eWASM will make a huge difference to how many transactions we can process. As a result, it is able to increase the transaction throughput enormously.

So eWASM is faster than EVM. It is also more secure because it is standardised. In addition, it can support more languages, not only Solidity. Thus, eWasm can be executed anywhere and benefits from the WASM ecosystem. Hence, this will increase the number of transactions that we can process.

“Easy Explanation of Ethereum eWASM” – Summarized:

  • eWASM is based on WebAssambly.
  • WebAssembly is a new, portable, size- and load-time-efficient format.
  • So the goal of eWASM is to replace the EVM.
  • As a result, it will increase the number of transactions that you can processes.

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