What is Proof of Human work? Best Explanation

Decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have significantly changed the way we interact with digital money. This form of online money offers far more advantages than traditional currencies. Not only are they more efficient, but they also don’t rely on centralized authorities. Consensus protocols combined with digital signatures also prevent the double spending problem and provide security on the network.
For example, at its core, Bitcoin’s consensus protocol is based on Proofs of Work (PoW). Here, PoW puzzles are used to extend the blockchain and generate a cryptographic data structure in a public ledger. In this process, a PoW puzzle should be difficult for one computer to solve and easy for another computer to verify. However, a major drawback of this method is that it requires an enormous amount of resources.

There are other consensus protocols, such as Ethereum’s Proof of Stake, that attempt to solve the resource problem. However, these also have their drawbacks. It is therefore necessary to find new techniques to achieve stable distributed consensus.
Proof of Human work could be such a solution, which has many advantages over PoW and PoS. It would be an environmentally friendly mining process and Proof of Human work could be based on activities that are fun and beneficial. First, the mining process would be environmentally friendly. In addition, rich people do not have the advantage of expensive equipment.

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What is Proof of Human Work (PoW)?

Proofs of Human-work (PoW) are fundamentally different from Proofs of Work or Proof of Stake. The following rules apply to Proof of Human work:

  • The PoH puzzle should not be easy for a human to solve
  • It must be difficult for a computer to solve without sufficient human help
  • The puzzle should also be publicly verifiable. This means that it should be easy for a computer to verify the solution of the puzzle without human help, even if the computer did not generate the puzzle.
  • There is no interaction during the puzzle generation or during the puzzle verification process.
  • A computer must validate Proof of Human work that was generated and solved by an agent, but with which it never interacted.

A PoH puzzle might remind you of a CAPTCHA puzzle. These are used to protect against spam and cyberattacks. CAPTCHAs are based on the assumption that an underlying artificial intelligence (AI) problem is difficult for computers but easy for humans to solve. PoH is similar to a CAPTCHA only would additionally need to ensure that without interacting with another human agent or another computer agent, it is proven that the challenge generator does not already have the answer to the puzzle.

We can solve this problem by generating a CAPTCHA puzzle within an obfuscator. Now we can hide the corresponding answer inside the obfuscated program. Verification of the solution can take place within the obfuscator without human effort. The miner can use a verification tag to find out if it has found the correct solution. In doing so, the solution is not revealed.

Advantages of Proof of Human work

Proof of Human work can have many advantages over Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. The mining process could be much more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly. In addition, Proofs of Human-Work activities can be fun, educational, or even beneficial to society. PoH is also much fairer than other consensus protocols. Professional or wealthy miners would have no advantage over ordinary users in this regard. Thus, this cryptocurrency could provide employment opportunities. Finally, PoH is less vulnerable to 51% attacks.

“Proof of Human Work” – Conclusion:

Proof of Human work makes it possible to integrate human labor to secure the blockchain. It is a new and innovative way to make mining more environmentally friendly, secure, and fair. Based on this concept, new and innovative applications can be developed that will further advance blockchain technology.

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