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What is an API? We explain everything that is important!

We answer the questions, what is an API and how does a API work. We will explain the API meaning to you, with easy to understand examples.

What is an API? We’ll simply explain the API meaning to you – Content:

  1. What is an API?
  2. How do APIs work?
  3. Example of an APi
  4. Types of APIs

API Meaning! What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a connection that allows two applications to communicate with each other. So it is a messenger, that forwards your request to the provider and then sends you an answer back.
An API is defined from functionalities that are independent of their respective implementations, so these implementations and definitions can vary without affecting each other. Therefore, a good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the important elements.
So APIs allow developers to make complex processes highly reusable with a little code. The speed at which APIs allow developers to build applications is critical to the current speed of application development.

Developers today are much more productive than before because they no longer have to rewrite code from scratch, but can use APIs, for example. Therefore, with an API, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.
So, an API allows the abstraction of functionality between two different systems. An API endpoint decouples the application from the infrastructure that provides a service. So, as long as the specification for what the service provider delivers to the endpoint remains unchanged, changes cannot be noticed by the user.

How does a API work?

One API lets others access your backend without them being able to change anything. They can only access functions or data.

Example of an API

Google Maps is one of the most popular APIs available. Almost every second website has a map. This map is mostly from Google and is provided via an API.
The owners of the website do not have to do anything other than query the API via the URI in the web browser. You can then easily access the API’s functions or data via the URI request. Usually you need an access key or token, which is given to you by the API provider and has to be included in the URI request. You can then connect the functions or data in your website via the endpoint.

API meaning

Types of APIs

There are many types of APIs. On the one hand there are programming APIs like Java APIs. Objects can communicate with each other in the Java programming language. In addition to program-centered APIs, there are also Web APIs such as the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and Representational State Transfer (REST).

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