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Best 7 Blockchain Business Models: Most Promising Business Ideas

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Blockchain Business Models: Most Promising Business!

With the help of Blockchain technology, new business models and thus also new products and services will be developed in the near future. We will show you some of the most important Blockchain business models and how they will look like.

“Blockchain Business Models” – Content:

  1. Blockchain as a Service Business Model
  2. Token Business Model
  3. Blockchain Development Management Business Model
  4. Supplement Software Business Model
  5. Blockchain Fees Business Model
  6. Blockchain Consulting Business Model
  7. Digitization/Automation Business Model

Blockchain as a Service Business Model

Blockchain as a Service (Baas) provides a Blockchain infrastructure that allows you to develop Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications, Decentralized Organizations and much more. You don’t have to risk a lot of money to develop your Blockchain, but you can use Blockchain services of companies like Microsoft, Amazon, or IBM with low costs.

If you want to offer Blockchain as a Service you have to create a Blockchain and win the trust of the community. Once you’ve done that, you can share your Blockchain with other companies. They will then pay you money for your Blockchain service. All you have to do is provide the infrastructure and make sure everything is properly managed.

Token Business Model

A security token is like a stock. It is a mixture of a token and classic security. These tokens have a clear financial motivation that comes from dividends, turnover shares or rewards.

Equity tokens represent things from the real world. So these tokens can be stocks, real estate or cars. As a result, it would be possible to profit from the turnover of a company with equity tokens.

A utility token is a utility token that you can use as a key for a house. With a utility token based business model, companies hold part of a token and release the rest for network functionality.

You can offer these tokens to the public as a company share with a financial incentive.

Blockchain Development Management Business Model

Meanwhile, there are many companies and private individuals who develop their Blockchain. However, this is not as easy as most people think. Therefore, there are Blockchain Development Management Systems like the Hyperledger. It offers tools, guidelines, and frameworks that simplify Blockchain development enormously.

You can create your own Blockchain development management framework that people use for Blockchain developments.

Supplement Software Business Model

Decentralized applications can be used to support existing products and/or services. For example, Decentralized Applications can be developed to complement existing ERP systems. This allows the extremely important data to be backed up and shared with the supplier. This creates a completely new way of communication between companies.

Blockchain Fees Business Model

If you have your own Blockchain, you can charge a network fee. Small amounts can be charged for various activities such as network transactions. At Ethereum, for example, you have to pay some Ether to transfer money.

Blockchain Consulting Business Model

Many companies want to use Blockchain to gain a competitive advantage. But not every company has the resources to invest money in hardware, software, or development teams. This is why business models will emerge in the form of consulting companies. Companies can use their services because they are experts in the field of Blockchain.

Digitalization/Automation Business Model

Digitization is one of the buzzwords in recent years. Companies digitize processes to work more efficiently and save costs. So Blockchain will be able to create a completely new form of digitization. With this technology, it is possible to control companies almost completely autonomously and thus save enormous costs. A new Blockchain business model could result from the automation of existing companies. These could be automated and digitized to the extent that people would no longer have to work in the administrative business.

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