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How do I develop a Blockchain API strategy?

An Easy Explanation of the Blockchain Technology

There are a lot of simple explanations of the Blockchain. But most of them are not that easy to understand. Therefore we wrote this post “Blockchain Technology simply explained”, to give you a really simple explanation that everyone can understand. Blockchain ensures an unobstructed exchange of cryptocurrencies between a large number of members. You can transfer money smart and easy. But there are different blockchain networks for example Bitcoin or Ethereum. At first glance, they all seem similar, but the difference is in the detail.

Easy Tutorial: Create a Solidity Smart Contract

An Easy Explanation of Ethereum for Everyone

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Cryptocurrency Investment

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Solidity Tutorial

You want to learn Solidity, but you don’t know how to start? Even installing the right programs is a bit complicated. We’ll tell you step by step everything you need to know about Solidity so that you can program smart contracts and dezentralized applications.

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